iFX - Visualization Technology by Fraunhofer IGD

The iFX visualization framework is based on the C++ programming language and implements a modular infrastructure.

Modules for data input, data processing and data extraction as well as graphical and non-graphical data output model the functionality of a visualization solution in a single pipeline. This allows efficient and rapid implementation of customer-specific add-onsat every level.

Thanks to its flexible interfaces, iFX can seamlessly be integrated into existing program environments. It can be linked as a library or as a standalone application. Smooth visual integration is possible in both cases. We use OpenSG for graphical output. This is an open scene graph API likewise developed at Fraunhofer IGD. OpenSG is based on OpenGL allowing efficient utilization of current graphics hardware. In iFX we use state-of-the-art shader technologies, in order to visualize data interactively at high quality.

iFX is specifically designed for use on current multi-core processors. Pipeline modules can be parallelized using OpenMP enabling the rapid and efficient processing of large quantities of data. In addition, graphical output and interactions have been separated from data processing to improve the responsiveness. Are you interested what iFX can do for you? What is the outlook?

Electromagnetic field magintude mapped to color and vertex displacement