iFX - Visualization Technology by Fraunhofer IGD

We approach prospective customers who want to enhance their innovative and demanding software technologies in a CAE or numerical simulation environment up to the latest level of visualization technology. We are looking forward to meet you for analyzing your requirements regarding iFX as a visualization solution.

We would be happy to make feasibility studies, which will demonstrate what could be done with your data today using iFX. We would also like to use our expertise to address new topics in the industry. In collaborative projects we develop efficient, modern visualization solutions that cover, but are not limited to:

  • Higher order finite elements
  • Curved finite elements
  • Cut cells
  • Iso-geometric analysis
  • Multitouch based interaction methods

Most likely, your specific visualization challenges are missing in this small list. Please contact us and describe your needs. New Feature: Fraunhofer IGD is working on solutions for the next generation of 3D interactive websites based on new technologies such as WebGL. This technology is also suitable for Internet-based CAE applications.