Customized Solutions

iFX - Visualization Technology by Fraunhofer IGD

iFX is a modular framework for interactive graphical visualisation of simulation results and measurement datasets. Its focus lies on the exploitation of modern graphics hardware and multi-core CPUs, as well as a high degree of flexibility on the level of data structures and algorithms.

As a software solution provider, Fraunhofer IGD offers to implement customised visualisation solutions according to customer specifications using iFX. Fraunhofer IGD contributes its expert knowledge and fresh ideas in a development project to create visualisation solutions that represent and ideally exceed the current state-of-the-art.

An interactive visualization component based on iFX is currently being developed for a partner and will soon be used at thousands of workstations throughout the world. Our technology enables to render and animate simulation data for millions of elements. Users apply this technology to analyze large data sets interactively.

iFX information for download:

Discrete element cross section of a curved terahedron mesh
Electromagnetic field lines around an isolator component
Cut through a volumetric mesh, showing magnitudes of the electromagnetic field